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Packing For a Stress-Free Move!

Of all the things one must do for a move, packing is surely the most daunting. It makes sense that people avoid it to the last minute, hesitant to get started, and loathing the process from start to finish. But when you have a plan- like the one we’re about to give you- you’ll feel confident and prepared to take on any task, big or small. At Jackson’s Relocation Services, we know that moving is a big job for everyone, and we want to help alleviate the stress and concern for your big day.   Get Organized First and foremost, it’s important to.

Moving Checklist

When it comes time for moving, stress can run abnormally high.  By having a plan of attack, a list to check (and double check) and a little bit of faith, we, at Jackson’s Relocation Services, can help ensure a worry free transition. The moving process actually begins well before the actual “day of move.”  From 8 weeks out, it is good practice to begin preparing yourself, your household and your budget for the big move.  Within this time frame, you must begin to figure what to take and what to sell or donate, set up a yard sale, arrange family documents.