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7 Tips For Moving a Military Family

First and foremost, thank you and your loved ones for your service. The sacrifices you make being enlisted in the military go far beyond the call of duty on the potential battlefield. At Jackson’s Relocation Services, we know that you sacrifice time with your family as well- and to us, family is everything. To help make your next move easier, we put together our best tips for moving while enlisted.   Know What Transportation Allowances You’re Eligible For As soon as you’re given your marching orders- otherwise known as PCS Orders- it’s time to find out what exactly you’re entitled to so that.

Moving Checklist

When it comes time for moving, stress can run abnormally high.  By having a plan of attack, a list to check (and double check) and a little bit of faith, we, at Jackson’s Relocation Services, can help ensure a worry free transition. The moving process actually begins well before the actual “day of move.”  From 8 weeks out, it is good practice to begin preparing yourself, your household and your budget for the big move.  Within this time frame, you must begin to figure what to take and what to sell or donate, set up a yard sale, arrange family documents.