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Think You’ve Relocated to a Haunted House?

We’ve all seen movies or TV shows in which someone has to stay alone in a supposedly haunted house for one night to win a bet or inherit a wealthy relative’s money. Spooky sounds and eerie apparitions—real, imagined or bogus—often confront the visitor as he tries holding out until the morning. But what if you’re not just waiting it out for a few dark hours? Suppose you just hired a company specializing in moving and relocation services to transport you and your belongings to what you now think is—ZOIKS!—a real haunted house? Unless you’re Rob Zombie or Grandpa Munster, the idea.

Job Relocation Package Options: Make Sure You’re Moving Forward

Your job promotion sounds great, but there’s a hitch: The offer requires you moving cross country. You’ll want to make sure from the start that this transfer is the right decision. Never relocated a significant distance for a job? Don’t move forward before knowing what an employer relocation package should include. Even if you’ve previously accepted an out-of-state job, it doesn’t hurt to review. Maybe an employer currently has packages in place for out-of-state promotions. Or, the company might be staking out new territory due to a recent out-of-state expansion. Either way, don’t be surprised to find yourself negotiating over what’s included.

Watch for Moving Scam Warning Signs

If a stranger approached you on a busy street requesting a pair of $10 bills for a five-spot, you’d likely send him on his way...along with his attempted scam. But with big bucks instead of small change at stake, you might be surprised at how slick operators pretending to be reputable long-distance movers could hoodwink intelligent people. Need proof? Government officials recently charged 12 individuals with defrauding more than 900 customers during a five-year period. The allegedly dishonest dozen reportedly filled their wallets via company-name switcheroos, bogus business practices and phony online reviews. Authorities are reaching out to the public to determine.