Packing For a Stress-Free Move!

Of all the things one must do for a move, packing is surely the most daunting. It makes sense that people avoid it to the last minute, hesitant to get started, and loathing the process from start to finish. But when you have a plan- like the one we’re about to give you- you’ll feel confident and prepared to take on any task, big or small. At Jackson’s Relocation Services, we know that moving is a big job for everyone, and we want to help alleviate the stress and concern for your big day.  

Get Organized

First and foremost, it’s important to get organized when preparing to pack for the big move. You’ll want to go room-by-room and separate items into various piles. Bring trash bags with you and a piece of paper and pen to write down what needs to be packed- and what needs to go.  


Now that everything is organized into neat little piles, start the process of eliminating. That’s right- it’s time to purge! Put items into piles for donations, possible yard sale items and down right trash. If it’s broken or missing pieces that can’t be fixed or recovered- trash it! If you haven’t worn it or used it in ages- donate it! Now is your opportunity to move with less “stuff”, guaranteeing an easier transition.  


Now, it’s time to pack. While it may be the thing you try to avoid the most, it should already be easier from the last two steps. Neatly pack into boxes the things you want to move according to the room they coordinate with. Keep the pots and pans in one, clothes in another, and office supplies in the next. From there you will want to…  


If you do nothing else on this list, do this! Labeling your boxes will make unpacking that much easier. With a large (and preferably new) Sharpie marker- or label maker- start labeling the boxes with detailed notes, ie: KITCHEN- Plates and Bowls. This step will help you to bring the appropriate boxes directly into the rooms they need to go in, as well as find things when you are first getting settled.  

Careful With the Fragile Items

For items such as your Grandmother’s glass vase, picture frames or even your large, flat screen TV, it’s important to take extra precautions when packing. Invest in quality bubble wrap or load up on boxes that specifically fit the size of your TV or other valuables. You’ll want to make sure there isn’t a lot of room for moving around inside the boxes and nothing set against it to allow for an incident. Finally, get that label maker out again to have the words ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘LIFT WITH CARE’ all over the boxes for everyone to plainly see.  

Personal Items

It’s important to use caution and care when packing your sensitive items. Things such as personal documents, banking information, or medical files should always be packed with extra care and usually transported in your own car. You never know when you might need to access something and the last thing you want is to have it stuck on a moving truck en route. This also ensures ultimate privacy and security with the information that holds the key to many things in your life.  

Moving Day Bag

Finally, the last thing to pack is sometimes the easiest to forget. Set aside items that you know you will need the day of your move, such as: medicines, snacks, identifications, etc. Keep these things separate from the actual packing items so that you can have it all in one place and ready to go on moving day. A pro tip from our parent company, National Van Lines, is to keep a small tool kit in there as well, for any last minute fixes upon departing the old house or entering the new.   For more information, check out our guide for Moving Your Memories– and everything that goes with it.    

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