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countdown moving

You can reduce your relocation stress by approaching your long-distance move as a multistep process using a countdown approach.

Jackson’s Relocation Services uses time-tested techniques for moving your belongings. Join us as we guide you through the best steps toward improving your moving experience with national relocation van lines.

We consider ourselves the top state fair moving & storage company, so whether you’re seeking a home mover in Lansing KS or mover in Leavenworth KS, we know the best way to get your moving job done with maximum efficiency and minimal stress.

As an experienced interstate moving company, we’ve witnessed loads of relocations to plenty of places. We know having a plan in place is far more efficient than just winging it. Use our 12-week countdown—12, eight, four, two, one, go!—to achieve results.

Countdown to success

Twelve weeks and counting down. Here’s where it all begins. We’re not even thinking about boxes or wrapping paper yet. Begin by deciding how you and your family will travel to your new home. Are you driving your own vehicle or renting one? Perhaps flying makes more sense. Now’s the time to buy tickets and/or make lodging reservations as well as map your travel route. Are you directly shipping items? If so, you’ll want to ask about procedures, rates and restrictions at your post office or other direct-shipper service.

Vital documents should be collected and organized. These include:

  1. birth certificates
  2. car titles
  3. driver’s licenses
  4. financial forms
  5. insurance cards
  6. marriage license
  7. medical records
  8. Social Security cards
  9. passports

Consider obtaining small file folders, a lockbox or portable safe for protecting these important items. You even might want to personally hold these rather than pack them away.

Packing preparation

Nope, we’re still not packing, but we’re getting there. At the eight-week countdown mark, it’s time to prepare a valuables list for your insurer. Think about obtaining appraisals for your high-value possessions. We at Jackson’s Relocation Services would be glad to discuss specialty moving services and valuation plans that also offer you protection. Speaking of precious cargo, have you thought about how best to move Fido and/or Tabby?

OK, now we’re getting closer to the nitty-gritty. This is the time to buy your moving supplies (boxes, box cutters, bubble wrap, labels, packing peanuts, tape).

ID your discards

Four weeks to countdown? Already? While you’ve been unpacking the packing materials and preparing to pack up the possessions, hopefully, you’ve ID’d items you don’t need. It’s sell-it time. Get a garage sale going or sell items via the Internet. You’ll make a few bucks. Plus, the resultant decreased weight might drop the price your long-distance movers will charge.

We’re officially in the final month before the big day at this point, so there’s no better time to get services ready to be up and running in your new home.

Contact phone/internet companies, banks, utility companies and the post office to schedule disconnect/transfer dates. Don’t forget to complete a change-of-address form and start forwarding your mail.


Can you believe it’s two weeks ’til D-Day? (“D” stands for “double-check.”) Ensure boxes are labeled and securely packed. Are movers unloading items into specific rooms? Check that the room name is listed on the box label. Special-handling instructions also should be listed where applicable. Extra food in your home? Donate it or have friends over for a feast. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your new home were spick and span? You could do the same for your current home’s new tenants by giving it a top-to-bottom cleaning.

First in …

One week to go and it’s time to think about your first night in your new home. A great help is a first-in-last-out box filled with all the items you’ll need during your last night before the big move and during night No. 1 in your new residence. These might include: toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries; clothing; snacks; batteries; portable entertainment devices; a dog-eared novel; perhaps, even, a coffee-maker.

Moving day

You made it. Moving day is here. When your Jackson Moving crew arrives, give them direction for loading your possessions. Sign your bill of lading (this is one of many moving terms you’ll want to know). It’s OK to ask last-minute questions, too. Check for unlocked doors and windows. Finally, conduct a house walk-through once all boxes have been removed.

You made it. Congrats.

Jackson’s Relocation Services is the interstate moving company in Sedalia, Missouri who’ll go the distance for you. Contact us to learn how our status as not only one of the top moving companies in Missouri, but also one of the premier national moving companies, can make your life easier. Whether you’re seeking an interstate moving company or local movers in Sedalia, contact our moving and relocation services team now for a FREE moving quote: 660.826.6898 | 800.452.6683.

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