Job Relocation Package Options: Make Sure You’re Moving Forward

Your job promotion sounds great, but there’s a hitch: The offer requires you moving cross country.

You’ll want to make sure from the start that this transfer is the right decision. Never relocated a significant distance for a job? Don’t move forward before knowing what an employer relocation package should include. Even if you’ve previously accepted an out-of-state job, it doesn’t hurt to review.

Maybe an employer currently has packages in place for out-of-state promotions. Or, the company might be staking out new territory due to a recent out-of-state expansion. Either way, don’t be surprised to find yourself negotiating over what’s included in your long-distance moving situation. Communicate to your employer what this undertaking will cost you in time and dollars. These guidelines hold true whether you’re accepting a promotion or another company is recruiting you.

Moving out of state isn’t a snap decision, but if you decide to go forward with the new job, Jackson’s Relocation Services wants to be your moving company in Sedalia, Missouri.

Big job

You’ll likely want all of the things a full-service moving company can do for you. That doesn’t mean you’re left on your own to do a U-Pack. It means packing, unpacking and the option of specialty moving services. Some companies might balk about paying for packing and unpacking, but tackling those tasks yourself increases the likelihood of damaged possessions—something to keep in mind when discussing your options. Specialty-moving services, which employ special handling and delivery methods, might come into play for items with extra-large dimensions, strong intrinsic value or unusual care-and-handling instructions. Examples include pianos, billiards tables, fine art, china, grandfather clocks, antiques and even large flat-screen televisions. Automobiles and boats also fall into the specialty-moving category.

Essentials vs. extras

Will you immediately be ready to move all your belongings into your new abode? If not, storage won’t be a luxury; it will prove a necessity. Jackson Moving offers modern moving storage solutions, so we’ve got you covered. The question: Will your employer reimburse you for stowing your stuff? Think about separating your possessions into two camps: essentials and extras. Essentials include bedroom, bathroom, laundry and kitchen items necessary for everyday living. Extras are those things that make life enjoyable, but you can afford to go without for a time. Move essentials into the new home. Extras take up residence in a secure (and insured) storage facility.

Home sweet home

A company needs to offer you time to find a new home. Expect, at minimum, the company to pay for a single trip—including lodging and transportation—to the new location. Of course, a weekend doesn’t offer lots of time to locate your dream house, so negotiating for more search time certainly could come into play. Or, you might require temporary lodging (a hotel or furnished rental home) until firming up a permanent residence. Expect the company to foot the bill for this expense.

Who said, “Life has no guarantees”? A guaranteed buyout offers a great option. Under this scenario, a company obtains two appraisals of your home value before you list your house. Should you fail to sell within a specified time period, the company purchases your home for the average amount of those twin appraisals.

What if a spouse or family member must remain behind while you start your new position in a distant location? Does the company have the resources to keep two households going simultaneously until the move can be 100% completed? Keep in mind, too, some companies provide employment assistance for a spouse.

Expect companies to pay the fees needed to sell and purchase homes, including real-estate commissions and closing costs. In addition, your employer should cover the tab of switching on and turning off utilities at the new and old locations.

Auto focus

Don’t forget to talk about your vehicles, too. Some companies consider moving one automobile standard procedure. But in this multi-vehicle age, it behooves you to seek transport coverage for all your vehicles.

Does junior’s taekwondo school have a no-refund policy and he’s only a week into his six-month membership? Maybe your daughter’s ballet instructor is unforgiving when it comes to returning those recital fees. You might discuss recouping those costs. Ditto for day-care centers and gym memberships.

Payment options

Payment methods differ among companies. Some organizations will want to work directly with an interstate moving company, while others prefer to cut a check to employees who, in turn, will pay the long distance movers of their choice.

Remember, if you go the latter route, the Internal Revenue Service considers your payment for moving and relocation services as taxable earnings. This must be reported on your income-tax statement. Whatever relocation pact you and your company agree upon should be expressed in writing. This leaves no opportunity for confusion and will go a long way toward reducing moving stress.

With our expert moving and relocation services, Jackson’s Relocation Services can pack your things and move you—coast to coast or even just across town—at a reasonable rate. Whether you’re seeking an interstate moving company or local movers in Sedalia, contact our team now for a moving quote at either (660) 826-6898 or (800) 452-6683.

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