Moving Checklist

When it comes time for moving, stress can run abnormally high.  By having a plan of attack, a list to check (and double check) and a little bit of faith, we, at Jackson’s Relocation Services, can help ensure a worry free transition. The moving process actually begins well before the actual “day of move.”  From 8 weeks out, it is good practice to begin preparing yourself, your household and your budget for the big move.  Within this time frame, you must begin to figure what to take and what to sell or donate, set up a yard sale, arrange family documents and start a “moving budget/ receipt” folder.  This will help you stay on track from the onset, and feel more in control throughout the move. When the time gets closer, about a month until the move, you will want to begin arranging for your utilities and services to be either disconnected or transferred to your new home.  Things such as newspapers, fuel delivery or lawn services are often missed, so keep those in your mind as your transfer the normal electricity, water and TV services. Next, don’t forget about your friends and family!  People, who will want to or need to stay connected to you during and after your move, will need your new address.  You can change your address here fast and easy, allowing time for the change to take place and never skipping a beat with your mail. Finally it’s the week of the big move, and you feel, well chaotic, right?  Sure there is a lot to get done, but you have your checklist in hand, your eye on the ball and everything is running smoothly to this point.  Now, your priorities are: preparing your day of moving bags… things you will need during the day before, of and after, while things are still packed away.  Closing down the house by defrosting the fridge, disposing of trash, and servicing your cars to ensure there are no malfunctions the day of. On moving day… breathe!  Check your inventory sheets, grab your important documents, survival kit of necessities and double check the house.  Walk one more time through the closets, bathrooms, garage, bedrooms, etc., smile at the memories, pick up that one last stranded toy that was left behind and lock the doors on the way out… you are moving today, congrats! For a full list of Moving Preparations, check out our link here.

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