Take Your Move Across the Country to the Fun Zone

fun moving across country Does interstate moving top your list of fun things to do? No? That’s an understandable reaction. But wait a minute. You’re not dealing with one of those typical long-distance movers. You’ve found Jacksons Relocation, one of the top moving companies in Missouri. We not only make moving easy. We also know how to make relocation fun (or at least a little bit “funner”) and—to quote Dr. Seuss—“fun is good.”

Formula for fun

Figuring out the best ways to move across the country involves more than comparing moving quotes, purchasing supplies and choosing reputable and professional movers. It requires an optimistic outlook. A checklist for moving cross country should include a “B+” note. After all, ramping up to moving day can tax even the most resilient individuals’ patience. We understand moving stress can get the better of anyone. The good news is that since Jacksons Relocation has been doing this for nearly 20 years, we’re well-equipped to offer expert advice on handling these situations. So joke around. Laugh frequently. Take the seriousness down a couple of notches. An upbeat attitude can prove contagious and make everyone’s moving experience fun.

Tune in

Whistle while you work. Or, better yet, crank up the tunes. Route that iPod through some speakers and pull up some tracks the entire family likes. Even a radio tuned to the right mix can work wonders on everyone’s psyches. Pro movers arriving at your home for moving-out day probably will enjoy music pumping through the house to keep them pumped up, too.

Food break

You’ve gotta keep energized. When blood sugar drops, tempers often rise. Thwart that emotional teeter-totter by planning ahead with a meal plan that’ll make you smile on moving day. What’s everyone’s top soft drink? Is there a favorite restaurant you’ll especially miss once you’ve moved away? Get a big takeout meal from them. Plan to take food breaks at specific times that make sense. Involve the whole family in the decision-making process…and don’t forget about sharing with your professional long-distance movers. They get hungry and thirsty, too. Plus, taking a break from laboring can be restorative and…fun.

Pre-move party

People often consider long-distance moving a bittersweet experience. Sure, you’re heading out on a new adventure in a new location. That’s exhilarating. At the same time, you and your family might feel a bit melancholy leaving a home you’ve enjoyed for years. Share your transitional experience with friends, relatives and neighbors with a night-before-moving-day party. It doesn’t have to be an outlandish celebration; just a get-together to celebrate the good times and put you in a fun frame of mind for the following day…and your new life.

Box hunch

Once you arrive at your new home, plenty of cardboard will likely surround you. Don’t “box” in children’s enthusiasm. Unpack their energy by encouraging the kids to build an empty-box fort. They’ll have loads of fun and you can focus on unpacking while they’re turning those boxes into a citadel. Got a fun idea we’ve overlooked? Contact Jackson Relocation and we’ll be happy to share it. Jackson’s Relocation Services is the interstate moving company in Sedalia, Missouri who’ll go the distance for you. Contact us to learn how our status as not only one of the top moving companies in Missouri, but also one of the premier national moving companies, can make your life easier. Whether you’re seeking an interstate moving company or local movers in Sedalia, contact our moving and relocation services team now for a FREE moving quote: 660.826.6898 | 800.452.6683.

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