The Upside of Downsizing

You’ve decided that instead of “bigger and better,” your next move is about smaller and cozier.

Perhaps now you’re an empty-nester. Or, you’ve realized you really don’t need all those rooms with all that stuff, after all. Whatever the reason, Jackson’s Relocation Services can help you realize an effective and comfortable downsizing experience.

By following our step-by-step tips, we can help streamline and reduce the stress of your local or interstate move to, or from, the Sedalia, Missouri, area or all around the Show Me State.

Letting go

We at Jackson’s Relocation Services have seen a lot during our nearly 20 years in the moving business. We’ve grown from a small, local mover focusing on the Missouri region—whether St. Louis to the east or Kansas City to the west—to encompass the United States as a cross-country company. Our warehouses feature nearly 30,000 square feet of storage capacity, but that doesn’t mean we treat that real estate frivolously. We know how to effectively utilize space for maximum performance, and we can help you do the same.

The downsizing process doesn’t have to be slow, but it should be methodical. Basically, you’re taking inventory of your possessions using two big headings: keepers and replacers. “Keepers” items are those things you simply can’t live without. “Replacers” comprise the not-absolutely-necessary items.

Simple question

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself: If everything you own suddenly were broken, which items would you first replace? Those are the things for the “keepers” column. The remaining items (aka “replacers”) could be sold, donated or discarded.

Designating something a “replacer” doesn’t automatically relegate it to the scrapheap, but it would be on the to-go list should home-space limitations require it. For example, let’s say you currently own a massive home-theater system complete with humongous TV screen and 5.1 speaker system. You might designate those pieces as a “replacer” if you know you’d be A-OK with a more modest TV with built-in sound (if needed) in your smaller abode. Ditto for that seven-piece, power-reclining sectional with built-in cup holders. Perhaps a smaller sofa-and-loveseat combo would be best since many big, bulky furniture items will make even the biggest house seem miniature.

Map it out

Measure the area of your current residence or new home and map it out on paper. To be exact, measure your furniture and make 2-D shapes based on their dimensions. Position these around your blueprint to see where things go. Rearrange until you have the space you require. The 2-D shapes left off the paper represent furniture you don’t need.

Don’t worry about discarding “useful” items. Downsizing is all about keeping what you need, not holding onto anything or everything that still functions. Think about hosting a yard sale or selling items online. Again, keep only items you truly need. Repeat the mantra: “have a purpose for everything.”

Fast track

Our Jackson’s Relocation Services packing-tip blog, Packing For a Stress-Free Move!, features a faster-track version of some of our downsizing tips … kind of a caffeinated version our recommendations above.

We also offer some tips here for last-minute downsizing. Resist the temptation to throw items in a big box marked “stuff.” Despite your procrastination, you still can remain organized and downsize.

  • Jot Generic Labels: You might find items belonging to a previously packed box. Resist the urge to reopen these boxes or throw random items in an unlabeled box. Creating labels stating “office supplies,” “collectibles” or “automotive supplies” will keep items relatively sorted as you keep the packing pace progressing.
  • Don’t Clutch the Tchotchkes: When did you last use that trinket? Within the week? During the past six months? Neither? It’s probably OK to chuck instead of clutch it.
  • Clobber Kitchen Clutter: Is that Six Flags multi-colored, super-duper, curly-strawed, oversized cup really a must-have? How many cookie cutters are enough? Scan with a critical eye each kitchen drawer and cabinet for items that have passed their expiration dates.
  • Ditch Duplicates: This method works extremely well since downsizing has no room for doppelgangers. If you have more than one of an item, the other is probably waving a red flag to be discarded.

Jackson’s Relocation Services is family, so we treat you as family, too. We stand ready to help with all your moving needs … start to finish.

Jackson’s Relocation Services is the interstate moving company in Sedalia, Missouri who’ll go the distance for you. Contact us to learn how our status as not only one of the top moving companies in Missouri, but also one of the premier national moving companies, can make your life easier. Whether you’re seeking an interstate moving company or local movers in Sedalia, contact our team now for a moving quote at either (660) 826-6898 or (800) 452-6683.

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