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Watch for Moving Scam Warning Signs

If a stranger approached you on a busy street requesting a pair of $10 bills for a five-spot, you’d likely send him on his way...along with his attempted scam. But with big bucks instead of small change at stake, you might be surprised at how slick operators pretending to be reputable long-distance movers could hoodwink intelligent people. Need proof? Government officials recently charged 12 individuals with defrauding more than 900 customers during a five-year period. The allegedly dishonest dozen reportedly filled their wallets via company-name switcheroos, bogus business practices and phony online reviews. Authorities are reaching out to the public to determine.

Thinking About Moving Yourself? Think Again

“DIY” culture is so widespread, you no doubt memorized long ago what those three letters represent. But just because your favorite TV home-décor-show host adores the abbreviation doesn’t mean it should be applied universally to every activity. Take tires, for instance. Adding air? That’s a DIY-er. Rotating and balancing? Go pro. Painting a playroom? You got this. Spreading a roller across a vaulted ceiling? Call the handyman. Which brings us to moving cross country. It’s one thing to move a studio apartment and its miniaturized inventory of items across town. It’s something else to pack up three stories’ and 10-plus years’ worth.