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Get Rid of Electronic Gadgets Before You Move Across the Country

Besides a gallon of milk, few things today have shorter lifespans than electronic gadgets. Hurry up and read fast because the umpteenth-version smartphone you’re using to read this blog might expire soon. When your electronic whatchamacallit dies or becomes outmoded (and trading it in isn’t an option), then what? Throw it in a junk drawer? Keep it in the garage? Trash it? Electronics aren’t confined to miniatures, either. Remember that defunct VCR/DVD combo player collecting dust in the basement? Or the faulty stereo amplifier that’s been on your repair to-do list since the previous decade? Are you really going to use that.

The Upside of Downsizing

You’ve decided that instead of “bigger and better,” your next move is about smaller and cozier. Perhaps now you’re an empty-nester. Or, you’ve realized you really don’t need all those rooms with all that stuff, after all. Whatever the reason, Jackson’s Relocation Services can help you realize an effective and comfortable downsizing experience. By following our step-by-step tips, we can help streamline and reduce the stress of your local or interstate move to, or from, the Sedalia, Missouri, area or all around the Show Me State. Letting go We at Jackson’s Relocation Services have seen a lot during our nearly 20 years in the.

Move-Ready Millennials Say ‘Meh’ to Boomer Abundance

Clutching possessions for posterity? It’s OK to ease your grip. Here’s the reality: Millennials typically view their parents’ prized items as one, big collective pain in the posterior. It comes down to values and taste. Those born between 1980 and 2000 operate under a much different point of reference concerning ownership vs. the generations preceding them. The seemingly abstract concept of digital ownership is, ironically, far more tangible to millennials than the concrete brick-and-mortar “permanence” valued by baby boomers and the Depression-era generation. Virtual is in; physical is out. Lotsa stuff is viewed as the proverbial millstone around the neck. Limited inventory.