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Use Specialty Moving to Protect Those Special Possessions

Do you own an irreplaceable item and need to move across the country? Maybe it’s an old Steinway grand piano. Or a priceless piece of artwork. Sometimes, your can’t-replace-it possession requires an extra level of TLC a cookie-cutter, stackable-cardboard-box approach just can’t accommodate. That’s when you need specialty moving, one of the customized moving options Jackson Moving offers. Specialty groups “Specialty moving” is a catch-all phrase for relocation services designed to handle items that might best be described as falling into one or more of these categories: • luxurious • irreplaceable • extra-large • carries strong intrinsic value • needs unusual care • requires highly specialized instructions Examples include pianos, billiards.

Children Need Reassurance During Relocation Process

  Congrats. You got the promotion, Mr. New Company Vice President. The new job will bring financial rewards, but it also means you’ll have to pull up stakes and move hundreds of miles away. During the days when you were single without children, hiring long-distance movers to make the cross-country move would be a snap. Now, you need to properly prepare your entire family for the pending office relocation. Children face challenges Kids can prove resilient during a change. But they also want reassurance when moving out of state with an interstate moving company such as Jackson’s Relocation Services. The manner in which you.

Job Relocation Package Options: Make Sure You’re Moving Forward

Your job promotion sounds great, but there’s a hitch: The offer requires you moving cross country. You’ll want to make sure from the start that this transfer is the right decision. Never relocated a significant distance for a job? Don’t move forward before knowing what an employer relocation package should include. Even if you’ve previously accepted an out-of-state job, it doesn’t hurt to review. Maybe an employer currently has packages in place for out-of-state promotions. Or, the company might be staking out new territory due to a recent out-of-state expansion. Either way, don’t be surprised to find yourself negotiating over what’s included.