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Brokers Promise a Care-free Move, But Can They Deliver?

Moving brokers conduct business in a seemingly straightforward way: A middleman gives you cost estimates, then searches for movers to do the job. Simple, right? Hold on a second. One vital element is missing from that process: accountability. A moving broker has no trailers in his parking lot. He doesn’t visit your home during the estimating process, either. The biggest mistake individuals probably make is erroneously believing the broker has more oversight regarding the move than he does. In fact, a broker holds virtually no accountability over the physical moving process itself. When all is said and done, the process eventually comes down.

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

Who needs to add anything else to their plate when moving is already more than enough? From packing up memories and knickknacks to switching utilities and canceling services, there are more than enough jobs to go around. And while we aim to be your go-to service the first time- and every time- we know there are other companies around. We want you to be prepared and protected no matter which company you choose to use, so keep reading for our top 5 tips to consider before signing a contract with a moving company. Check Their Reputation Let’s keep in mind that all of.