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Take Your Move Across the Country to the Fun Zone

Does interstate moving top your list of fun things to do? No? That’s an understandable reaction. But wait a minute. You’re not dealing with one of those typical long-distance movers. You’ve found Jacksons Relocation, one of the top moving companies in Missouri. We not only make moving easy. We also know how to make relocation fun (or at least a little bit “funner”) and—to quote Dr. Seuss—“fun is good.” Formula for fun Figuring out the best ways to move across the country involves more than comparing moving quotes, purchasing supplies and choosing reputable and professional movers. It requires an optimistic outlook. A checklist for.

Get Rid of Electronic Gadgets Before You Move Across the Country

Besides a gallon of milk, few things today have shorter lifespans than electronic gadgets. Hurry up and read fast because the umpteenth-version smartphone you’re using to read this blog might expire soon. When your electronic whatchamacallit dies or becomes outmoded (and trading it in isn’t an option), then what? Throw it in a junk drawer? Keep it in the garage? Trash it? Electronics aren’t confined to miniatures, either. Remember that defunct VCR/DVD combo player collecting dust in the basement? Or the faulty stereo amplifier that’s been on your repair to-do list since the previous decade? Are you really going to use that.

7 Family Fun Things to Do In Sedalia, Missouri

According to their very own welcome site, “wholesome family fun awaits” in Sedalia, MO, so we think you should start exploring all there is to offer. It’s time to find the family fun events and attractions hiding out in your very own backyard! So plan a play date, pack some snacks and gather the kids- we’re talking 7 fun things to do in Sedalia today!   Daum Museum of Contemporary Art With exhibits and tours for kids aged Kindergarten and up, the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art is a great start for educational fun. Experience the art and get your creative juices flowing.