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Make it a Great Cross-country Moving Delivery Day

Individuals who embark on a cross-country move typically spend lots more time thinking about ramping up vs. down. They’ve likely focused on packing rather than unpacking. Moving out (rather than in) has preoccupied their time. Once everything is packed and placed on the home mover’s trailer, however, the pendulum starts swinging the other way. Don’t wait until you’re on that flight or car ride to your new home before wondering what to expect when the movers arrive at their delivery destination. Think about the big day now. Prep steps to delivery A good blueprint for success is diagramming your new home’s room layout ahead.

Off-season Interstate Moving Offers Increased Convenience Options

Summertime is to a move across the country what rush hour is to city traffic: hectic, hectic and more hectic. By comparison, relocating between September and April resembles a comfortable country cruise. Why is May through August the busiest moving season? Simple. Primo weather + school vacation = hard-to-beat combo. But the home-mover busy season isn’t perfect. Scheduling an off-season cross-country move might provide greater benefits, including cheaper prices and increased resource availability. Trying to shoehorn into the packed summer season can prove problematic. Because movers’ schedules often are more open during the off-season, you’ll likely benefit from a lot more flexibility. Just.

Job Relocation Package Options: Make Sure You’re Moving Forward

Your job promotion sounds great, but there’s a hitch: The offer requires you moving cross country. You’ll want to make sure from the start that this transfer is the right decision. Never relocated a significant distance for a job? Don’t move forward before knowing what an employer relocation package should include. Even if you’ve previously accepted an out-of-state job, it doesn’t hurt to review. Maybe an employer currently has packages in place for out-of-state promotions. Or, the company might be staking out new territory due to a recent out-of-state expansion. Either way, don’t be surprised to find yourself negotiating over what’s included.